I  am offering a few new pieces of Costume Jewelry
The stones are not tested and are probably Crystal                                 The gold metal plating or sterling  is not tested. The new jewelry is being sold described as it waa when it was bought

The price is $10 each unless priced

Faux Fashion Jewelry Simulated gems
faux diamondFaux Diamond
vintage diamond Faux 3 Diamond

vintage diamond simulatedFaux diamond and amethyst

vintage diamond simulatedFaux diamond


 Precioues Metal is Plated or Filled 
faux emeraldFaux Emerald

emerald sumulatedFaux Emerald
emerald solitaireLab Emerald

emeraldFaux Emerald and cz

emerald solitaireFaux Emerald

faux peridotFaux Peridot

peridot solitaireFaux Peridot


faux topazChanpagne Topaz

faux topazRaibow Topaz

faux topaz aquamarineAquamarine Topaz
faux topazAquamarine  Topaz
faux topazSolitaire Topaz
faux topazVintage Style Topaz

pink sapphirePink Sapphire 

pink sapphirePink Sapphire 

pink sapphirePink Sapphire 

pink sapphirePink Tourmaline

pink rubyREAL RUBY



faux amethystAmethyst
faux amethystAmethyst
faux amethystAmethyst
faux amethystAmethyst

garnet turquoise Garnet or Turquoise

garnetLarge Garnet

faux topaz Topaz


blue sapphireSapphire

black stoneMan's ring




Everything for Beading
Good  prices  and great beads and findings
for your crafting projects.

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Gem and Semiprecious Stone  Jewelry
Solid  Gold not plated
Solid Sterling Silver

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